Two ladies at home - Print - by Rand Dabboor


Two ladies at home - Print - by Rand Dabboor

This print is based on a photograph from 1920 in Ramallah. A photograph that tells a lot about the costumes and the interiors in Palestine at that time. Rand focused on popping out the colourful interiors. These layered furnishings would have been the mattresses, duvets and blankets, which they would set before bed time.

Rand Dabboor is a young Palestinian artist and graphic designer born in Jerusalem. She is known for her unique style of taking old Palestinian photographs, re-presenting their stories in a way that is fresh to the eye. Rand strives through her art to preserve the Palestinian heritage, framing memories of Palestine with beautiful splashes of modern colour. Her artwork is a documentation of the history of Palestine to ensure it is not erased by the occupation.

Rand has participated in different events and exhibitions in Palestine, including national Palestinan women's day and The Sound of Silence gallery at the Mahmoud Darwish museum.

A4: 21.0 x 29.7 Cm
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