Al Majdalawi bag - Hand woven and hand embroidered in Gaza


Al Majdalawi bag - Hand woven and hand embroidered in Gaza

Colourful, stylish, comfy and practical zipped shoulder bag.
With an inside zipped pocket and one at the back.
Front panel is hand woven on the Majdalawi hand loom and then hand embroidered with vibrant Palestinian tatreez motifs.

This bag is a good size:
Top width: 39 cm
Bottom width: 27 cm
Bottom depth: 11 cm
Hadle drop: 29 cm
H 31
Drop 29

The occupation of Palestine in 1948 halted the thriving textile industry in the town Al Majdal.
Al Majadal, north of Gaza Strip was famous for its textile industry, especially cotton and silk textiles. Al-Majdal used to supply fabric to all the cities of Palestine. Al Majdal was known to be the top city in the textile industry in Palestine.

The Majdalawi fabric weaving was revived through the Arts and Crafts Village that was set up by Gaza municipality, initiated by the late Yasser Araft in 1998. This was the first step in bringing back to life the legacy of the town of Al Majdal. After a search for a skillful person, Mr Rafik Mahmoud Zaquot ( Abu Farid) was tasked with reviving this Majdalawi heritage weave. The production of the Majdalawi fabric continued until his passing away in 2000.

As a result, work was interrupted for a while. This prompted the youngest son, Mr. Hussam Rafiq Zaqout, who had a degree of knowledge of working on the Majdalawi loom by virtue of him accompanying his father.
But his knowledge was lacking, so he did his own research to fill the gaps.
Since then, he has been training individuals the Majdalawi weaving skill.

Photographs of the loom and process are of the curtsy of Majadalaw Fabrics.
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