Olive wood board - Handcrafted in Palestine


Olive wood board - Handcrafted in Palestine

12 x 32.5 x 1.5 cm | Olive wood
Made in Palestine at Jamil Hosh’s workshop in Bethlehem.

This beautiful olive wood board has a soft streaming organic shape with a leather ribbon to hang. This board can be used as a cutting board or as a cheese board.

Each board is handcrafted from a piece of olive wood which results in unique wood grain patterns with some variation in colour and size. With that in mind please note that the board received will differ from the picture on display.

The olive wood used to create this piece is ethically sourced from the hills of Bethlehem and its region. The sustainable olive wood means it comes from olive trees that no longer produce fruit and are continuously replaced.

Care instructions:
Hand wash and dry after use. Do not leave to soak.
To keep the grain looking fresh, occasionally rub with cotton wool using olive oil or any other food oil.
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