Lace Doily - Handmade in Nazareth - Nasijona


Lace Doily - Handmade in Nazareth - Nasijona

16.8 x16.8 cm | Sustainable Wood | light grey
Small beautiful intricate lace doily, handmade with fine cotton thread in Nazareth.

Made by Mrs.Shafika Shallufeh, a very sensitive, dedicated, loving and tender personality. Her patience and accuracy are clear in her precise needlework. The needlework for her was the best exercise to keep her lucidity, peaceful heart and loving character. She practiced that art all her life to bring up her children and to acquire economic independence.

This lace needlework (Teeb in Arabic) was identified with Nazareth and was not found elsewhere in the Middle East. At the end of the last century this handcraft became rare in Nazareth and only a few elderly women maintained it. Thankfully, the non-profit organization Nasijona managed to facilitate the last four women, in their seventies and eighties, to pass on their skills to the younger generation. Those women were more than happy to be part of reviving this skill.

Nasijona is based in Nazareth, a relatively new organization which aspires to revive the Palestinian culture and heritage, by bringing women together from different ages, religions with a mix of socioeconomic background. Nasijona strives to empower women through providing training workshops in traditional and modern crafts and skills and cultural events to enrich their identity.

You can choose between a framed doily or a none framed.

Frame is light grey with a dark grey background which makes the needlework standout beautifully. Frame can be hung on a wall or propped on a surface.

Approx. doily diameter: 13 cm
Frame: 16.8 x 16.8 x 2.8 cm
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