Maklouba مقلوبة - Tote bag - Qastina Designs


Maklouba مقلوبة - Tote bag - Qastina Designs

Cotton tote bag by Qastina Designs: with silkscreen illustrations of some of the most popular dishes from Palestine.

This design features the traditional Maklouba dish. One design has the recipe in Arabic as collected by artist Ayed Arafah from his mother. Maklouba literally means “upside down” and many passionately debate which are the best ingredients to use. This dish includes layers of vegetable, meat and rice in one pot and it is flipped on a tray when serving, hence the name. It is known as the national Palestinian dish.

Make this tote bag your everyday shopping bag!

Behind Qastina Designs is the artist Ayed Arafah, who through his food drawings highlights the beauty of the Palestinian culture and heritage. Ayed is a refugee from Qastina village (demolished in 1948 by the Israeli occupation forces). Ayed lives in Dheisheh refugee camp in the region of Bethlehem.

Size: Approximately 41 x 35 cm (shoulder handle drop 30 cm)
100% Cotton ( Woven in Hebron)
Machine wash cold
Made in Palestine
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