Notebook - Jerusalem - by Rand Dabboor


Notebook - Jerusalem - by Rand Dabboor

A5 / 64 pages
A notebook decorated with a collage of an old photo of two Jerusalemite women With a background of classic tile designs and Arabic lettering.

The notebook is set out for writing in the Arabic direction ( right to left) but can be used either way.

Rand Dabboor is a young Palestinian artist and graphic designer born in Jerusalem. She is known for her unique style of taking old Palestinian photographs, re-presenting their stories in a way that is fresh to the eye. Rand strives through her art to preserve the Palestinian heritage, framing memories of Palestine with beautiful splashes of modern colour. Her artwork is a documentation of the history of Palestine to ensure it is not erased by the occupation.

A5: 20.7 x 14.9 Cm
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